we buy Mobile Home Park Vermont

We’ll Buy Your Mobile Home Park in Vermont With Fast Cash As-is

We Buy Mobile Home Park Vermont

Sell Your Mobile Home Park for Cash. No Realtors, Fees, or Repairs Needed. Get Your CASH OFFER Today!

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We Buy Mobile Home Parks Vermont
“Sell My Mobile Home Park”

Quickly convert any manufactured home community in Vermont into fast cash. Speak to one of our Vermont cash mobile home park buyers to get a fair, as-is, all-cash offer. Call us at (866) 994-3973 or fill out the form today to get your fast online quote!

We Buy Mobile Home Parkas is Vermont

Sell Mobile Home Park makes it easy to get rid of a mobile home park when you sell your park to us. Tell us about your mobile home park, and we’ll make an offer to buy. We buy trailer parks, RV parks, and mobile home communities regardless of condition or situation.

The parks we buy aren’t usually listed because most Vermont real estate agents don’t know how to list them. Regardless of the park’s level of deterioration, you can still profit when you sell it to one of our fast cash buyers.

Get a lump sum of cash, and get rid of mobile home park problems. With fast cash, you can sell to us and avoid foreclosure, back taxes and liens on your premises.

Quickly sell any Vermont trailer park, RV park, or mobile home park into fast cash now!

We don’t quibble about prices. We make straightforward price proposals with zero fees and no hidden costs. Our mobile home park cash buyers will help you get fast cash for any mobile home park you want to sell.

we buy Mobile Home Park for cash Vermont

Cash Mobile Home Park Buyers In Vermont

If you want to sell a trailer for fast cash without any hassle, we’ll get it done. Keith and Krixelle, our experienced owners, ensure a streamlined and expedited buy and sell process. We can bring about a fast cash closing in days or weeks instead of months.

we buy Mobile Home Park Vermont

Mobile home park sales are performed according to your customized schedule. You choose the closing date. We turn your manufactured home or trailer park into a quick cash buy-and-sell process while you line your pockets with the cash proceeds.

Working with a realtor might help you get more when you sell. However, you’ll pay a higher sales price, including assorted fees, expenses, assessments, charges, add-ons, and whatnot. To sell your mobile home with a realtor in 2023, you’ll pay between 10% and 15% of the total cash sale.

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“I highly recommend this company if you want to sell without the hassle of using a realtor.”

Reasons to Work With Sell Mobile Home Park In Vermont

We are a company that buys mobile home parks and modular home communities. Our business is to buy mobile home parks and trailer parks from sellers. When we buy, we buy fast, solving problems for parkowners.

Our talented real estate team takes care of all the rigamarole. Some sellers are ready to sell in hours. They call and tell us, “Sell my mobile home park fast” or “Sell my mobile home park for cash.” Here’s why clients like you typically sell mobile home parks to Sell Mobile Home Park:

local cash Trailer Park buyers Vermont Too Many Repairs to Deal With

Received a renovation quote to get your mobile home park fixed and can’t afford the costs?

sell my Trailer Park near me VermontTired of Dealing With Tenants

Are you a landlord sick of renting mobile home parks to tenants who trash and don’t pay rent on time?

sell my Trailer Park as is VermontInherited a Property

You’ve inherited a mobile home park with multiple code violations requiring extensive repairs. You’re desperate to sell the property, but no one wants it.

sell my Mobile Home Park quickly Vermont Facing Foreclosure

Your mobile home park is in foreclosure, and there’s a risk it might sold at auction. Sell the property now to turn a profit while you still can.

sale my Trailer Park fast for cash Vermont Going Through Divorce

You are divorced and no longer want to live in a mobile home park. You want enough money to start a new life somewhere else.

Cash Trailer Park Buyers in Vermont Moving Out of State

You must leave town immediately for family reasons or a job change, and you don’t have time to sell a mobile home park.

How Do I Sell My Mobile Home Park Fast for Cash In Vermont?

When you’re ready to receive your fast cash offer, follow these three easy steps:

Step 1

Contact Us Today

sell your Mobile Home Park Vermont

Describe your mobile home park. Does the community need work or tenant issues? What kind of a sale would be ideal for you?

Step 2

Get Your Cash Offer

Sell My Home Fast Vermont

Based on the information we receive, we’ll create an as-is no-obligation cash offer. If you accept, our team will work quickly so you can sell on time.

Step 3

Get Your Cash!

sell my Trailer Park fast Vermont

You pick the closing date and when you want the cash. If you need some time to close, no problem. We work on your schedule and close at a reputable title company.

We Buy Ugly Trailer Park Cash Vermont

We Buy Mobile Home Parks For Cash in Vermont

Have you ever wanted to ditch that old trailer or mobile home park and invest the proceeds in something you love? We can supply you with the cash to do that, and it only takes one phone call to start the ball rolling.

We’ll make a proposition. If you like it, the sale might as well be a done deal. We’ll cover all the details, clean the place, and give you enough fast cash to chase your dreams.


There is no haggling about the price. You decide whether you’ll take the offer or not. All offers are free. They are not negotiable, and you are not obligated to accept our offer.


The buyer cleans and spruces up the trailer units while making the necessary repairs.


You can sell the premises quickly because a cash buyer doesn’t need financing. You can sometimes close within a week.


As the seller, you pay no fees, charges, or closing costs to Sell Mobile Home Park or to any realtors, agents, appraisers, assessors, dealers, or inspectors.

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A Quick Way To Sell Your Trailer Park In Vermont

Cash Trailer Park Buyers Near Me Vermont

Fair Cash Offer 

Our offers for mobile home parks are fair and the best in the market. If you have another offer from a cash mobile home buyer, inform us, and we’ll improve our deal. We’ll clearly outline why our proposal is a win-win and provide it in writing.

Cash Trailer Park Buyer Vermont

Easy Park Sale

Our three-step cash home sale process eliminates the hassle and stress of selling your mobile home park. Simply fill out the form to get your cash offer started. No obligation to sell. We’re helpers, not hagglers.

how do I sell my Trailer Park fast in Vermont?

We Buy in as-is Condition

We buy mobile home parks “as-is:” That means we don’t care who owned them before. Don’t feel embarrassed if your mobile home park is a mess and needs work.

how to sell my Trailer Park Vermont

Sell Without Repairs

We are happy to buy your park for cash and deal with repairs ourselves. We’ll make it our responsibility to fix everything from leaking roofs to holes in walls.

Cash For Mobile Home Park Vermont

Fast Cash Sale

Closing date of your choice: We don’t need financing since we buy mobile home parks with cash. That allows you to schedule the closing when it best suits your purpose.

companies that buy Mobile Home Park Vermont

No Cleaning Necessary

We’ll repair everything and make the units livable again. Your mobile home community may look like a disaster to you right now, but after we buy it, we will restore the value of the units.

So, How Do I Sell My Vermont Mobile Home Park For Cash?

We don’t waste our clients’ time with lowball offers or trying to sell you something. We buy mobile home parks. We don’t sell anything. Give us a call, and we’ll give you an offer.

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Why Sell Your Mobile Home Park to a “We Buy Mobile Home Parks” Company in Vermont?

Because we are direct buyers who purchase mobile home parks all over the country, you don’t have to worry about whether a buyer can get financing. We’re not an iBuyer or a large international hedge fund. We help real people quickly unload unwanted mobile home parks.

Why Do People Sell Mobile Home Parks in Vermont for Cash?

Cash mobile home park sales are not for everyone. If you have the luxury of marketing your mobile home park with an agent, you can wait for the right buyer, time, and price.

Not everyone has that option. If the price of owning a mobile home park is draining your resources by the day, getting out as fast as possible and cutting your losses is a high priority.

These homeowners will often be happy to get a lower offering in exchange for not having to clean and repair the place. They don’t want to lose even more money paying high fees to a real estate agent. If a lower offer still provides the means to ditch a failing mobile home park, you might feel like you’ve turned a profit even if you haven’t.

Why Choose Sell Mobile Home Park for a Fast Trailer Park Sale in Vermont?

Sell Mobile Home Park is a solutions-based real estate investment company. We pay fast cash for mobile home parks that no longer meet the needs of our clients or are not worth the money they cost to maintain.

In such cases, it’s almost always more beneficial financially to sell the unit for cash and be done with it. Do you want to jump through hoops with an agent on the off chance that someone will pay the price you’re asking?

If Sell Mobile Home Park buys your development, you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting and precisely when you’ll get it. Alternatively, if you sell your mobile home park through a realty company, there is no telling how much you’ll get or whether you’ll get anything at all.

Our proposal might exceed any offers you receive on the open market. That’s why mobile home park sellers should always get our current offering price before calling an agent.

Sell Your Vermont Mobile Home Park Today

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Our Cash Buyers Will Buy Your Vermont Mobile Home Park in Days!

You know you’ll never fix that old trailer park out back, so why not let the buyers from Sell Mobile Home Park buy it and haul it away? As owners, you and your family can use the fast cash to upgrade your living space after removing all the run-down trailers.

You could also use the cash as a down payment on a traditional mobile home park that will increase in value and bolster your net worth. Trailer parks are a poor investment. They start losing value as soon as they’re purchased. What you lose in lot rent, you’ll gain in home equity.

buy Mobile Home Park for cash Vermont

Areas We Buy Mobile Home Parks in Vermont

Selling a mobile home park in Vermont is a stressful ordeal with an uncertain outcome. How long will it take? Can I get full market value? How much will all the fees and charges cost? What if nobody wants it? These questions can drive you crazy and turn the whole experience into a nonstop migraine headache.

At Sell Mobile Home Park, we’ve worked hard to make the mobile home park sale as easy and worry-free as possible. Anyone can request an offering, whether you’re on fire to sell or just looking.

We buy mobile home parks all over the country. We purchase Many mobile home parks in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada. If you’re working with a realtor, get an offer from us to stay informed about all your options.

We buy mobile home parks and trailer parks in Vermont and all across the country. Simply fill out our form or call us at (866) 994-3973.

Sell My Mobile Home Park Vermont


We Buy Mobile Home Parks Vermont

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Cash Mobile Home Park Buyers Vermont

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Selling A Mobile Home Park For Cash In Vermont Common Questions

Can I sell my mobile home park without a real estate agent?

Absolutely. Realtors are costly. Ultimately, you could spend up to 15% of your sale proceeds on all the additional services. You won’t need a realtor or additional charges when selling to us.

We take care of everything a real estate agent would, but we don’t have any fees. You always receive the full amount of cash you were initially offered with us.

Can I sell my trailer park in two weeks?

You can sell a mobile home park in two weeks or even sooner. The closing date to sell the park is up to you, and because we buy with cash, we don’t need a loan to finance the purchase.

What’s the right way to value a mobile home park?

Numerous value markers taken together can give you a rough idea about the value of a mobile home park you want to sell. Here is a basic formula you can use:

Multiply 12 months by the number of paying lots and the average monthly rent of each lot. Multiply that value by the operating income ratio over the cap rate to get the basic land value.

An accurate determination depends on the size of the park, the age of the units, the condition of the park, how long it has been used, who has used it, and its location. Complete our short questionnaire for a land value estimate.

What is the Mobile Home Park Act?

Under the Mobile Home Parks Act, all lease and rental agreements for mobile home park tenancy must be in writing. The terms and conditions of the tenancy must be disclosed in writing before the occupation of the premises by the renter.

What makes mobile home parks a bad investment?

On average, trailers in a mobile home park only last 30 to 50 years. Financing is expensive. Manufactured homes in many areas are at risk for fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and blizzards.

These homes are hard to sell, and moving one can cost thousands of dollars. Even top real estate sellers have trouble finding qualified prospects. Conversely, mobile home park buyers might surprise you with a fast cash offering that exceeds your current offers.

The Easiest Way To Sell Your Mobile Home Park Fast in Vermont

Selling your mobile home park, double-wide trailer park, or trailer home park to a legit cash buyer is, without doubt, the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of used property. As a mobile home park buyer and broker, we have goals that have helped every client:

  • We’ll give you the highest cash offer possible.
  • We promise to do whatever it takes to make your selling experience with Sell Mobile Home Park happy, fun, profitable, and stress-free.

Get an offer now. It’s free. You never know when something incredible is waiting right around the corner.

sell mobile home park Vermont

Sell Your Vermont Mobile Home Park Today

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